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One of my favorite things in life is to be able to communicate in another language. Growing up speaking Cantonese with my family I was lucky enough to be able to say I’m bilingual without much effort. …

When you aren’t hoping or wishing for anything, everything is peaceful and the days are fine, even boring. But on the days when you wish for something to happen, it is chaos, there is turmoil, and the mind suffers. Sometimes I wish for the days when it is peaceful, but on the days when it is not, that means change is on the horizon.

When waiting for something the body is anxious because it doesn’t know what the outcome will be. The best thing to do in these moments of waiting is to continue with your day as usual. Focusing on the present is the only thing we have that’s really in our control and by staying in the moment allows us to truly enjoy our life because otherwise we’re wasting the time we have with non-existent imaginings.

Mini Thoughts #10

Life isn’t about being fair or not. Life doesn’t really care. It just exists. It’s us humans who subscribe value and worth to things. It’s learning to recognize we shape our world. If we look for misery we will find it and if we look for joy we will also find it. So let’s choose to suffer less and be grateful more for what we do have in life.

Consistency and regular practice is the key to improvement. I believe it’s better to do a small amount everyday versus cramming chunks of time at intervals. The larger the gap between something the less someone will truly improve or keep up with their learnings. For improving on something, everyday exposure is best. Even if it’s as small as learning Cyrillic or listening to a software programming podcast. There will be nuggets of knowledge that will implant into your mind with regular exposure. Obviously this can be a good and bad thing, so make sure to filter what you absorb everyday.

Shame is a strong emotion that if internalized can reck havoc on our lives. It comes up as waves, and it reminds you that you are not worthy. But it’s just a lie, an internal lie that was kept in place because it was familiar. Being aware of this will lead to releasing of unhealthy shame. Shame keeps oneself small, muted, and unable to grow, but the only way to fight shame is to counter the lie. “I am worthy, and I do matter”. Eventually shame will be nothing more than a fleeting feeling, and no longer an anchor to one’s soul.

The mind is a powerful place, and what we feed it affects it in a powerful way. If we think our world is crappy then it will be, but if we think our world has good then it will be. Our mind has the ability to see the things we want to see. I believe the best way to live is to not project but to be present.

Mini Thoughts #6

Sometimes we go through life alone and we have a choice to dwell on what ifs or what coulds or we go out there and live our lives even if there’s no one to do it with. Self dates, self adventures, travel solo, eat out solo, it’s not sad it’s us living life no matter what because it all ends the same way for everyone. The regret would be to not have tried to experience life, which means not truly living.

The most painful thing is having expectations not being met over and over again. Sometimes we feel that people or situations looks like it’s happening in a way that is pleasant for us, but then forgotten that everything besides our thoughts and reactions are out of our control. Lower your expectations or have none, and therein lies true peace.

Humans are the only ones that needs to earn a living to live. But whereas animals and such can live freely off the land and sky. I wonder why it is we ended up with this system, always seeing that when the latest new technology comes we immediately believe we will become obsolete, when in fact we are always constantly growing and changing. Two decades ago I did not know my job would exist, and two decades from now many new jobs will emerge. We’re not limited, we’re always evolving.


a person with wanderlust and medium-size dreams, sharing her suffering and joy with the world through words

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